2021 Virtual Spring Convention



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Wednesday 4/14

6:30AM     Early Morning Prayer

1:00PM     Men’s Ministry - District Elder Thomas Moore

3:00PM     Bible Study - Bishop Samuel R. Moore, Diocesan , Huntington, WV

7:30PM     Bishop Moore & Elder Lucious Oliver II, Pastor, Greater Kings Chapel, Abingdon, VA


Thursday 4/15

  6:30AM    Early Morning Prayer

10:00AM    Bible Study - Bishop Samuel R. Moore

  1:00PM    Women’s Ministry – Bishop Mona Reide, Ed.D., Lansing, MI

  3:00PM    Ministers Wives & Widows – Lady Lolita Schofield, Beckley, WV

                   “Perusing a Victorious Lifestyle; Ministering in the Season of COVID-19”


  7:00PM     Bishop Moore & Evangelist Doris Sanders, House of Prayer, Lexington, KY


Friday 4/16

  6:30AM     Early Morning Prayer

10:00AM     Bible Study - Bishop Samuel R. Moore

  1:00PM     Christian Education Association –  Sister Dedra Preston & Elder Rick Campbell:

                     “Pursuing A Victorious Lifestyle Through Effective Leadership” - Servant Leadership

  3:00PM     Wellness Ministry – Sister Candy Redd & Rayford Johnson:

                     “Sleep and the Impact on Overall Health”


  7:00PM     Bishop Moore & Suffragan Bishop Arthur Coleman, Pastor, Apostolic Bible Study, Baltimore, MD


Saturday 4/17

  6:30AM     Early Morning Prayer

10:00AM     Ministers Alliance Panel – District Elder Mark Redd:

                     “Parliamentary Procedures”


  1:00PM     YPU Panel – Pastor Kyron Shorter and Evang. Mia Brown

                    Topic: “Gotta to Stay Saved!”

  3:00PM    Bishop Moore & Elder Reginald Williams, Heavenly Vision, Syracuse, NY